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Hillam Rooks!

Good morning everyone, yesterday evening the device pole was removed and I am hoping never to return. No more loud bangs and no more disturbance to our wildlife, Horses. Children and pets. Not necessarily in that order.

I hope we have a resolution and I do not know if the environmental officer has been around, I really hope so. I would like to take this opportunity to thank everybody that reads this for their support.
A little bit of Science!
Just for clarity we will call it a Rookery. The Rookery is at the side of my house at the end of Hillam Hall View and contained about 55 birds at its largest count. At the peak of the breeding season this is 9 nests at the very top of some very very tall trees. Every morning the Rooks leave to go to their feeding grounds in the stubble fields surrounding Hillam and Burton Salmon.

I know that our Rooks go East and usually feed in fields surrounding the pumping station in Hillam, so not very far away. However before they go other groups of Rooks will sometimes join them and swell the numbers and this can look like a murmuration and lasts three minutes or so. They all then go off together and in my observations over the last twenty eight years rarely return as one big group. The 55 or so in our Rookery return as a group as they will have done for 10"s if not 100"s of years.

Rooks only make a noise in the breeding season.
In the film above you will clearly see several groups of Rooks getting acquainted before they go to their feeding grounds in the east of the village. They will murmurate just before they leave, this usually takes place in the breeding season and just after.

The fact is somewhere between forty and fifty five birds will return to this Rookery along with some Starlings and depending on the season other species too.
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